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  1. You can have a washer in flats my mom used 2 live ibn flats 23 floors higher than u and that worked ok gr8 site
  2. tip dont do a full load of towels in it as they wander more then even my 9 yr old hotpoint does
  3. Decision Made!

    hi my sister purchased the john lewis washing machine and she thinks its brill
  4. Limescale ?

    i used 2 use cheap soap powder in my whirlpool aa1400 before i inhereted my hotpoint wm52 and now i use branded powder and calgon in everywash does the trick as my whirlpool got blocked of limescale
  5. i prefer powder as it is easier 2 measure i use bold 2 in 1 the crushed silk and jasmine and the matching lenor softner 2 get clothes soft
  6. Wash Times Too Long?

    my hotpoint wm52 takes 1hr 30 mins on cottons 40 1 hr 15 mins on a acrylics 40 55 mins on a woolens 40