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Beko Wmb 81421 M not spinning

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After 5 good years my machine seems to have stopped spinning.    It will fill a little with water, stop for 30-60 seconds, fill a little more, stop, no spin, then drain a little, then stop for a few minutes before the display shows it’s at the end of the cycle.   I checked the pump, removed a euro coin and clothes tag from the fan, then verified it was free of other debris and could spin properly.    Restarted the machine and had the same issue (although it seems to take on more water and drain more easily)

After reading several forums I took the motor off to check on the carbon brushes.    I found a good amount of carbon dust, but the brushes seem ok:  look to be at least 80% of original size, no burning on the holder, and the brushes are touching as far as I can tell.    The only thing that seems a little off is that the contact area of the brush looks to be at 2 angles and not flat/round (hopefully the picture attached shows what I'm trying to describe).     

I ran my finger across the commutator and didn’t find that any of the bars are raised.    It’s my first time working on anything like this and I’m out of ideas and haven’t found any other ideas on the forum.

Unfortunately I didn’t check the error codes before taking the motor off, but will reassemble everything tonight and check for the codes (mine doesn’t have a digital display).     Before going thru the ‘fun’ of reassembling the motor, does anyone have any other suggestions for what the issue could be?   Is it worthwhile to get new carbon brushes to test?    Thanks in advance for any help, the kids cloths are piling up and it’s only a matter of time before my wife’s patience runs out and we get a new machine.    Cheers!

Carbon Brush.jpg


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Update:  So I dusted off the carbon brushes, and put everything back together, verified all the wiring connections on the board and not much change.   Now the machine will fill fully, but when it's time to spin, I hear a click and the relay switch (?) circled in the attached picture lights up, but the machine doesn't spin at all.   After a few minutes I hear the click and the box lights up again, but still no spinning.   Almost seems like its going thru the program minus the spinning.   Any thoughts?    The green wires I circled go down and directly to the motor.  Sorry if relay box isn't the right term, I'm a novice at working on things like this.    Thanks in advance.        




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It's hard to see the carbon brush properly as the photo is too small and a little blurred. It looks like it might be ok but as you say it doesn't look as if it's been making full contact. The end of the brush that trails on the commutator should be shiny and smooth all over. The fault of the motor not running isn't really possible to diagnose without a test meter unless it's obvious that the brushes are worm or burnt. These articles might help a little -

carbon brushes diagnostics

Washing machine drum not turning

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for the help, and sorry for the poor picture quality.   The brushes look exactly like the one from your first article in the section 'Hotpoint Carbon brushes OK'. 

I had actually read both articles prior to the test and I think both the carbon brushes and belt are OK.   Seems like it's something with the circuit board or relay, but both are above my (very) limited knowledge.   I'll keep tinkering for a bit, but think a new machine will be ordered soon.    Thanks again for your help though, the articles and advice were great and super easy to follow.  Cheers!

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