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Hotpoint WMFUG742 beeping

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Have a WMBF944 that does this , searched checked and no info online/manual regarding the random sequence of beeps.

Use pods so cleaning the drawer defeats any purpose. Only thing I have found stops it is; the seals at the front of machine, I wipe down the glass on the door and the rubber seal, seems to work.  Can only assume, it's a warning the seals  are not secure in the wash, does not happen when it fills or spins happens with the wash. Happened today, stopped the wash, drained cleaned down the seals, put the wash back on and no beeps. 

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Hi! Just made an account to post this  having been searching all day for a fix to this problem, and I think I found the solution! 

The large dial where you choose which cycle you want gets clogged up with dust and grime and so when you start the machine it thinks you are trying to move the dial and responds with the beeping! The solution to this is give it a bit of a wiggle if you’re mid cycle until the beeping goes away. Then when the cycle has finished, turn off the power and spray a little water on the dial and give it a good clean. Try and use a cotton tip or something to really get in there and loosen up that dust. 

This solution may not work for everyone, but did for me! Good luck! 

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