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door sensor problem Beko WMA 520 S

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There is a similar post about a machine that refuses to start. After some experimentation I found that my Beko WMA 520 S was not  detecting that the door was closed. If I push against the door as I push the start/pause button the machine does start and it continues to run. 

The question I have is How does the door sensor work?

When I contacted Beko they said "

I can advise that there is no door close sensor on this appliance; the door latch just connects to the door lock. Based on what you have described, an engineer would be required to diagnose the cause of the issue. "

Since "calling out an engineer" is an affront to my dignity, I wonder if anybody has taken the door mechanism to bits on this or a similar machine and can advise. There must be a sensor in some form or other.


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I couldnt see there being any kind of electronic sensor as such, I think the way it normally works is that the metal catch on the door just pushes a couple of terminals in the door lock when the door is closed and makes contact and thats the way it tells the main panel that the door is closed.

And the way the lock works I should imagine is by way of a coil/solenoid kid of system that pushes a piece of metal down that 'locks' over the catch of the door so that the door cannot be opened when the machine is operating

- saying that, i also recall on some of the older hotpoint washing machines that the door lock was linked up to the pipe coming from the pressure changer at the bottom of the drum so that if the drum was full of water the pressure changed and the door lock wouldnt open (to save flooding the place if you accidentally opened the door whilst the drum was full of water) 

But to get back to how the machine 'knows' the door is shut I think its by contacts rather than a sensor

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