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Indesit Iwc6105 Not Draining - Tried Alot, Please Help :)

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Hi there,

Reaching out to the forums as I've put alot of work into fixing my washine machine but it is still not working. I don't want to be beaten yet so perhaps someone can help?

This machine was new in May 2011.

Last year the door lock burnt out the connecting cables so I replaced the lock and cables sucessfully.

Eariler this year it started not draining and flashing all lights. It turned out to be a very blocked sink u-bend and after a good clean things were good again. (lesson learned about keeping that clean!

However in the last month or so it keeps stopping at the first drain (between the wash and rinse). All lights flashing and the drain light on. I've tried loads but no improvement

I have checked:

* Pump filter at front of the machine, cleaned out.

* Sump hose checked, removed 2p coin, cleaned.
*Cleaned the detergent drawer and the jets with those little teeth flossing sticks...
*Checked the motherboard at the bottom of the machine for enlarged transistor - everything fine transistor wise but there seems to be a bit of blackening on the board. Nothing seems damaged.
*Loads of crud came out of the waste hose when manually draining so i've cleaned that out well
*Checked the drain pump resistance with a multimeter (my own outlay at the moment, £15) and it checked out fine at 220.

So wither it be a hot wash or a colder one, it stops when it first starts to drain, all lights flashing and only the drain light on, green.

The machine will spin cycle fine, but not drain.

When it tries to drain there is a clicking sound initally then a kind of hum from around the drain pump.

Is it possible the drain pump has failed even though it checks out on the multimeter?

Any help you can give will be really appreciated.

I really would like to solve this myself - which of course some help.

Kind Regards


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The pump may test fine using a multimeter but you have to remember that it is also a mechanical device. I would take out the pump and check if the impeller can be turned by hand. Check if anything is broken. You could turn the machine to a spin and see if the pump actually turns. If not, try moving it with a screwdriver or something. If it doesn't work check there is a voltage to the pump. If there is voltage and the pump isn't moving, I would just go for a new pump.

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Hi Edd; thanks for taking the time to write.

The machine can go on spin cycles, but this time I put it on one and kept the drain filter out to watch the impeller.

It was wasn't turning at all. So I stuck screwdriver in there to try and turn it, after 3/4 of a turn it suddenly sprung into life and hasn't stopped since.

If it is so that the impeller should be creating the vacuum through all the cycles, it may have been there was a block of some kind that I couldn't see when I checked the pump and sump hose.

I'm going to try and standard wash and report back.

Thanks again.


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After all that work over the last week... the machine has completed it's first full wash, draining just fine.

I'd tried sooo much but the impeller must just have been stuck in such a way as not to show as such when I had it out checking for blockages. Perhaps I had missed something. I hadn't sat and observed the impeller operating during a spin until you advised it. I had the filter out to see.

And if the fault repeats then I know to just replace the pump.

Thank you so much for helping it's been a bad situation and we were on the verge of spending out.


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