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Went Bang! Error E03, Now Lcd Flickering?

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Hoover Vision HD - VHD 9143 ZD Washing Machine

What Happened

I put in a big heavy carpet rug that probably shouldnt have gone in, but it fit in so I did.

After pulling it out, it was a complete mess and I binned it. I also noticed that it was covered in a lacquer kind of gluey substance that was also present on the inside of the main glass door.

I did 2-3 empty full temperature washes hoping it would pass, in the end I scrubbed it off with a sponge because it stayed.

Then on the next wash of normal cloths, it seemed fine, but the cloths were covered in this lacquer type gluey stuff. So I put the same load back in a further 2-3 times but still it had this gluey stuff on it.

Then a final time, I noticed that it filled up with water, then stopped with an error message and would not continue the wash. From memory, I think it was E03.

After turning off and back on again, and telling it to begin a new cycle, I would successfully drain out the water, and start again. I would leave it, and come back only to find that the same has happened again.

So this time I stayed with it, and shortly after beginning a cycle, I looked like it was struggling to turn the drum! Then to my surprise BANG! (And the dirt is gone! or not in this case!) There was a loud electrically sounding pop/bang from within, and the LCD started flickering the display.

I immediately turned off at the switch, and gave it a few moments.

After 20-30 mins, I tried to turn on again, but it just loops the flickering LCD...

Ive taken the back off, and the top lid, and as an absolute novice, nothing looks out of the ordinary. In face it all looks brand new inside...

Id really like to fix this myself with your support because as we all know money is tight and were all feeling it, so please someone help me out.


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  • Root Admin

It may be that stuff from the rug has blocked the pump ro the filter although that shouldn't cause an electrical bang. E03 is a drain time out so it means either the water has not drained within the time allowed or if it has, the pressure system has not reported the water has gone. If there is still water in the machine follow this advice - water won't drain out of washing machine - But with the machine giving an electrical bang and the display now flickering I'm afraid there could be a more serious problem and you need a repairman to try and diagnose that, who can use an insulation test meter.

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