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Aquarius Wt540 Drum Bearings

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The drum bearings have gone on my aquarius wt540 so i thought i would dive in with both feet and try and replace them. I have managed to get the drum out of the machine but a bit stuck from here. Do i have to separate the white plastic casing around the drum? And if so how do i do it because i dont want to break the plastic tags by forcing them. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

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I always advise against tackling drum bearing replacement in most washing machines. It's a big job and fraught with potential problems.

I believe the Hotpoint Aguarius WT540 washing machine is one of the many ridiculous sealed outer tubs. This means you can only replace the entire outer tub, inner drum and all parts - Hotpoint Aguarius WT540 drum kit with bearings

This is a very regrettable step manufacturers have taken. If the washer is less than 5 years old you could get it repaired under their 5 year parts guarantee for less than the cost of the parts.

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