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Gary C

Hotpoint Washer Tripping - Door Switch?

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Hi All,

I have an issue with our Hotpoint Aquarius WM62P tripping out the RCD.

It happens within a couple of seconds of selecting any function/wash cycle/spin.

I think it's safe to say not the motor as it won't even fill with water, I assume there's no heater as it's hot and cold fed. Everything seems nice and dry and nothing visible like worn insulation causing a short.

This only seems to leave the door lock switch or the main control unit.

If I have power on, a wash cycle selected but the door open it seems fine. As soon as I shut the door - trip.

Does this suggest it's the door switch? Or is it only when the door is shut that the main control unit receives power - meaning it could still be this main unit?

Help appreciated! If it is the door switch it is obviously easy to replace and I assume quite cheap.


Gary C

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I have advice on washing machine fusing or tripping electrics which includes a list of the most common causes but as I mention in the article I don't think it's a fault to tackle without a proper insulation test meter.

Every washing machine has a heater, and some have a system where power runs to most components straight away and they are switch on using the neutral side so it's possible a low insulation on a heater can trip the electrics even when it isn't in use.

Door interlocks aren't particularly expensive or difficult to replace but without door interlock powered up there's no power running through the rest of the machine so it's possible it's just sending power elsewhere and shorting out there. Therefore you can't assume it's the door interlock - although they can cause this problem. Without an insulation test meter you can only guess-swap parts, which is often a blind alley for DIYers.

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