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Lg F1447Td Broken Drum Paddle Requires New Drum?

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Hi.. Hopefully someone can help on this before it gets very expensive. I have the above LG machine, 6 weeks out of warranty, which has a partially detached drum paddle (lifter) £1:50 part. The engineer called - after 3 weeks! Took one look at the machine and apologised, but said the only way to rectify a lifter problem on this machine was to fit a new drum - the drum is not damaged - and that would also require a new door seal.

So the question is, is that true? The machine is Direct drive and the impression I was given was that you cannot get at the reverse side of the lifeter to screw it into place - it clips into place, but is the screwed from the rear - as the inner side of the drum is not accessible.

I have been onto LG who have simply refered to it being out of warranty, and their nominated repairer still will not give me costs or timescale for the repair after a week

Hopefully someone can give some insight into what needs to be done on these machines - the service agent was open enough to say it was an issue specific to this model of machine and that it was a mystery to him why it had been designed that way. I say this because I do know on most other machine lifter replacement is a simple matter

Many thanks in advance


Ps - if it is really expensive I will be getting rid and getting an ISE or Miele! Once bitten and twice shy as they say

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Hello Simon. This is an increasingly common trend now. It's totally unacceptable but most people have no idea it's happening, or which machines they can buy where this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Many washing machines and other white goods appliances are now designed in ways that prevent some repairs or even stop parts being stripped down to retrieve or fix things. One of the worst examples is some of the Hotpoint Indesit AEG (and other brands) washing machines which have welded outer tubs preventing many repairs or investigations to retrieve obstructions. Ironically though you can probably replace the drum paddles (lifters) in them.

If your washing machine has been designed so that a small plastic part in the drum cannot be replaced (as it can with many other washing machines) then the design is clearly stupid. Even ignoring that fact, if you are faced with a very expensive repair after only 6 weeks out of warranty you may need to pursue the retailer who sold it to you under the sale of goods act. Products should last a reasonable time without needing expensive repairs. Unfortunately under the sale of goods act the manufacturer isn't responsible, only the retailer. (My washing machine is now out of guarantee, but I don't think I should have to pay for a repair)

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