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Washing Machine Banging On Spin

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Hi all.

We recently bought a new Hoover DYN 8164 washer after 13 years of faultless service from another Hoover.

We're pleased with this washer, but sometimes it has a serious balance problem and I'm convinced it's a design/software fault.

It doesn't happen every time, but occasionally the washer can literally leave the ground and hit the worktop above it.....at which point obviously we turn it off (usually you can tell by listening and catch it beforehand). The reason I think it's a design fault is because during the pre-spin cycles, when the washer is checking for balance before revving up, it never stops rotating to allow the clothes to drop and redistribute. It does slow down, but never enough to allow the clothes to leave the drum. So the washer literally gives itself one chance for a balanced load each time it spins (either the final spin, or those between portions of a programme). Every other washer I've seen slows down so the clothes fall, some even reverse to re-arrange the clothes for another attempt.

If we turn it off, the clothes naturally drop - and then restarting the programme continues as normal and by chance the drum is balanced, purely through chance....this may take a few attempts which naturally isn't ideal.

I'd just like to get a few opinions before I complain......which I'm not looking forward to as it's from one of the big chains and am sure they'll just think I've not adjusted the feet properly (which incidentally would make no difference as this is one serious balance problem and the thing would take off regardless anyway!). I'd feel a bit of a wally ringing up and saying my washer's got a design fault, but that's what I'm convinced of. Surely something like this couldn't get out of the factory gates?

Washer's only a couple of months old - obviously needs sorting as it's destroying itself, or trying to.



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  • Root Admin

<p>Modern washing machines have out of balance protection so they are not supposed to spin out of balanced loads. The start off very slowly and ramp up the speed smoothly which should distribute the clothes evenly. Stopping and letting the laundry fall to the bottom is a common tactic in that each time it's done the laundry is likely to fit round the drum in a slightly different way when the speed increases. Therefore it can work if the out of balance system isn't happy with the balance it can keep dropping them to the bottom of the drum and hoping they will fall slightly better next time.<br />

<br />

I can't say for certain if this model employs such tactics but the better quality washing machines are likely to have more sophisticated out of balance systems. It's possible the washer is faulty in some way but it could just be that it can't distribute them ideally because the loads are too small, or a mix of just one or two heavy absorbent items and much lighter items. This is issue is worse with large drum capacity washing machines, which need more laundry in than normal to be efficient and to balance the loads properly. I have an article on Washerhelp, which explains the issue in detail - <a href="http://www.whitegoodshelp.co.uk/washing-machine-jumps-and-bangs-on-spin/">Bangs on spin? How do I avoid out of balance loads in my washing machine?</a></p>

<p>Strictly speaking the washing machine should not go into a spin if it hasn't balanced the laundry properly. The fact that your washing machine violently jumps up show the load is not balanced (it's a typical symptom of an under-loaded washing machine). If anything the washer should be timing out and simply not spinning as described here - <a href="http://www.whitegoodshelp.co.uk/washing-machine-wont-spin-just-one-item-or-very-small-loads/">Washing machine won't spin just one item or very small loads</a></p>

<p>I would read both my articles very carefully and see if you can improve the situation by adding more laundry or changing loads if you are placing some heavy items in with light ones combined with small loads. If this isn't the issue you need to call them out to look at it, leaving a load available (that you are confident is a legitimate load) to show what happens, or at least filming the problem and showing the load that was washed on the film.</p>

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