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Door Won't Open

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I have an old Hotpoint 1200 Deluxe 9546. The problem is that the washing machine has just finished but I can't open the door. This happened once before but an old friend fixed it. It was something to do with a small lever that when you press the button this lever pushes on the belt at the back of the machine which opens the door.

The lever looks ok, but for a while every time we have wanted to open the door we put our finger in and push the lever up manually and its been working fine. Today this method has stopped working and even when I push on the lever the door wont open.

Please help, my washing is stuck inside.

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Never reach inside the washing machine with it connected to the mains. The door interlock is always live!
There are several reasons why a Hotpoint door could be jammed shut. One of them is the part you describe which is called the pecker. With some older Hotpoint models, there is a cable that runs from the door interlock to the motor. When you operate the door catch or button, this part "pecks" down onto the drive belt or the end of the armature's shaft. If the drum is moving, the pecker will slip on the rotating belt or armature and disengage the door interlock. If the drum is not moving, the pecker meets resistance and the door opens. Therefore if the pecker has come off, or is loose, it can stop the door opening. When you attempt to open the door does this part move?
Other things that can stop the door opening are -

  • A broken door catch or door frame where the door catch screws in (they are rubbish on many Hotpoints - always breaking) you can sometimes get the door open if you push the door firmly in as you open it
  • If there is water still inside the washing machine, then the door wont open either on these Hotpoint washing machines (not on some others though) If this is the case, when you try to open the door the pecker won't try to move down at all. You can open the door usually if you drain the machine. (only applicable with door interlocks that have a rubber pressure hose attached to them)
  • A faulty door interlock
  • The pressure chamber can be blocked on some earlier Hotpoint washing machines which gives the same effect as having water in the machine. Basically the washer "thinks" there is water in when there isn't. This would require the washing machine being stripped down to remove and clean the pressure chamber bottle. This cause is only applicable to washing machines where a small rubber hose is connected to the door interlock. This hose allows the door mechanism to be locked and unlocked by air pressure activated by water rising inside the pressure chamber bottle attached at the other end on the tub. Gunge can block the very small aperture where the pressure hose fits to the pressure chamber bottle.

( Related: Door wont open and washing machine full of water )

These days, due to cost saving, most Hotpoint washing machines have a simple, cheap bi-metal door interlock with no cable to the motor (to detect motor movement) and no pressure tubing (to detect water).

Use this link to find your Hotpoint door lock (proper name door interlock) - Hotpoint door interlock spare parts

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