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Is It Safe To Use A Noisy Washing Machine?

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I just found this website after my washer needed repairs and I was googling for information.

I finally (long story) got a bloke out to look at it and he said the drum was knackered, and I need a new one. Well repairs would cost about £110 so it wasn't really worth it.

I should've asked him at the time but I never thought - is it safe to use this washer till I get a new one?

It'll take me a week or maybe two to get that sorted.

The washer still does a wash and the clothes are fine but it makes a loud knocking sound when it's washing as if

something is loose inside. I didn't use it while I was waiting for a repair man to look at it in case it caused

even more damage but seeing as it's not going to be repaired I thought I might as well use it until I get a new one, just for 2-3 washes probably.

But obviously I won't if it's dangerous; I don't know much about the insides of a washer but if this loose 'thing' could cause damage that would mean water could leak into the electrics that'd obviously be really bad!

thanks for any advice, this looks like a good site.

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Hello Shaz and thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately no one will be able to tell you without examining the washing machine. You could always try ringing the repairman and just asking him if he thought it would be ok to just wash 3 or 4 loads in it prior to replacing it.

It would be a gamble, it may well last several more washes without a problem, or even several more weeks depending entirely on what's causing the noise and how bad it is right now. But on the other hand it could leak or even flood - again depending on what's causing the noise and how advanced it is, which are things only the engineer knows. If you find yourslef desparate and forced to risk it make sure you keep a close eye on it and try to make it not spin, or spin at its slowest speed, or turn it off once its spun for 20 or 30 seconds as on spin is where it gets a lot of stress and strain.

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Thanks for that - I might text the bloke and ask him but he only looked at it for a few seconds, he just

turned the drum, which sticks at first and then turns but sounds rough (no knocking if you turn it by hand) but

I might as well ask him.

I would use it on spin reduction after washing (or they're dripping wet) which is a lot lighter than normal spin on this machine - I did that anyway in the summer to avoid wear and tear but this machine only lasted 6 years!

With 'one careful lady owner'.

hopefully I'll get a new washer on Friday. or order it anyway.

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