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Hotpoint Bwm 129 Bearing Replacement

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Hi folks....I have a 2006 machine and the bearings are gone, I have taken off all the panels I can, but it looks as though it is going to be a bit more difficult than usual to get the drum out to replace the bearings.

Anyone done this or any tips that I should know.....I don`t want to make it more difficult for myself than it already looks....

Thanks in anticipation.

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I don't really recommend diy drum bearing replacements unless someone is pretty diy experienced, or an engineer in another field and/or very determined and up for a challenge. In most washing machines it's a big job requiring a complete strip down. Most washing machines have only plastic outer tubs these days with bearings recessed in, and difficult or impossible to knock out without either special tools or without damaging something. With many modern washing machines you are supposed to buy either a new rear tub or even a complete full tub with the bearings already pressed in.

It's outrageous that you can no longer just knock out the old bearings and fit new ones on so many washing machines these days. The cost of new tubs is so high

Having said all that it appears drum bearings are available for the Hotpoint BWM129 but before buying I would make sure I'd got the old ones out ok first. Looking at the parts list search for Hotpoint BWM129 bearings it appears there is a drum spider which should have the bearings and bearing seal already fitted. If so that should make the job a lot easier. I'm not familiar with the insides of this model but if the drum bearings are fitted inside an alloy spider then the should be a lot easier to replace than when fitted inside the plastic outer tub as Hotpoint drum bearings have been for a long time previous.

If you do strip it down, take lots of photos on a digital camera or phone if good enough quality so you can always refer to how things looked before, and wiring etc.

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