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Mystery: Bra Wire Inside Washing Machine

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Can anyone help as when my wife was washing her bra the wire came loose and disappeared, she heard it rubbing on the drum but now it has stopped. Can I get to it to get it out, the machine is a Hotpoint Aquarius WD420.

P.S. Just heard it again but now it's stopped again.

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If the wire is stuck between the inner and outer drum, the only way you are going to get it out is to take the drum apart, I just viewed a video on youtube and it`s a very big job, unless the wire pokes though one of the holes in the inner drum and you can pull it out, it might make it`s way down to the pump and you might be able to remove it from the pump cleaning port if your machine has one, if not you will have to remove the big drain hose that goes from the drum to the pump and see if it is in there.

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