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Motor Getting Hot

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I have a fridgire washer thAT WILL WASH and spin very well until the motor gets hot. What could it be ? I openned the motor and the bearing are ok. checked the coils and no sign of coil burned. Motor has only 3 wire. ONE to run forward (washing) and one for reverse( SPIN) a the common Ground. Iknow I can buy a new one or send to repair but that defeact the purpose of this forum . What I really want to know is why the motor is getting too hot after running very well for a minute or two then it shoot it off wait a while and start working. I aready change the capacitor. I will like to know why are the causes regarlees the brand or model. This way I wiil make my how conclusions. Thanks.

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If you have checked the bearings and they are fine, have you checked the resistance of the armature pads where the brushes touch each side to see if the resistance is the same all the way around, also check the resistance of the armature pads and their neighbours to make sure they are not shorting out, eg nothing conductive between adjacent pads

Also check the brushes are not touching two sets of pads on either side.

Have you run the motor outside the machine and see if it overheats, does it actually get hot! , to confirm it`s not a faulty thermal fuse.

I dont know if any of this will help.

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The motor has 3 wire one neutral, one that run forwaq and one that run on rerverse. The electrony board has 2 speed that worked very vell but motor get hot and shut donw when is getting too hot I can not belive is the motor cause is running like new; the bearing are fine (I put the motor apart )I'm use to repair whasher machine en U.S. But in P.R. don not reppair they justtry to sell a new one or a new part. It is make a different a replacea 45uf 250v capacitor with 233- 280 muf 110vac '"b""04-2002

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Make sure the drum is free too. If it's seizing up for any reason it would cause the motor to overheat.

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Not sure if it's related, but when my machine motor was getting too hot, I checked the wiring looms. I found black traces around one of the wired which is in the motor connector plug. I hate spade connectors. I trimmed all the wires and connected them using a different means and hey presto, a cooler motor.

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