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Noisy Hotpoint Motor Brushes

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Hi Andy. I have just put new brushes in a Hotpoint motor, its the newer FHP motor type (I think that's what its called - its not the normal GEC type motor fitted anyway)

I have got the clicking noise coming from them when on wash and a few sparks where the brush hits the armature and I am assuming that its because they are new and they will quieten when they have bedded in to the armature. I have checked twice to make sure they are seated correctly and I have checked the armature and it is absolutely perfect. Given that they are bedding in how long normally (approximately) would it take for the brushes to bed in and get quieter?

It is "shrilling" quite loudly on spinning at the moment. Unusually sometimes the motor brushes are quieter when its revolving on one direction than when its going in the other direction.

On another subject, I have had 2 WMA Hotpoint Aquarius Machines (Used) and the instructions for both of them say that if the clothes are uneven there will be a no-spin situation but these two washers still do spin even though the clothes are not even and on a couple of instances have agressively spun and the drum banged from side to side and had to be turned off and rearrange the clothes I thought the machines had protection against spining unless the loads were even. What could be the problem do you know?

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This fault can be caused if one of the commutator bars on the armature is slightly raised or loose. This causes a click every revolution and can be detected by placing a finger on the copper comm bars and turning the armature slowly round. If there is a loose (raised) comm bar you should be able to detect it this way. A new armature would be required if one was found. Other than that, one of the brushes isn't bedding in properly. They should bed in after several washes.

The Hotpoint FHP motor brushes are very similar to many other washing machine manufacturers carbon brushes but although they look similar they can be set at different angles. It may also be possible to fit them the wrong way round. Either of these scenarios would mean that only the tip of a brush would contact the armature instead of the whole curved face. This would produce a high pitched sound on spin and result in a loss of power. It can be checked for by removing the brush and observing the face that runs against the armature for signs that it's actually running on the face and not just the tip.

The Hotpoint washing machines are supposed to inhibit spin if a load is unbalanced but they don't do it very well at all.

If the washing machine bangs about a lot, on virtually every wash and the loads are good loads, then the suspension should be checked. The tub should be held centrally in the casing and not be twisted. Sometimes, the suspension dampers are extremely springy and don't absorb the movement very well. If they are very stiff, then up and down movement will be restricted and the force would tend to go from side to side instead.

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