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Intermittent leaking

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Hi. For some time now, our beko washing machine has had an intermittent leak that is impossible to locate. The machine appears to leak from underneath, unsure as to the point in the cycle. It appears to be clean water, not grey water and is free of froth etc. We don't use much washing powder as this causes the machine to froth up badly and leak from the drawer. So 2 issues really, both I've run out of ideas. Had a repair guy out this week who found a load of stuff in the drain, and cleared it out, but day after back to leaking. We can see no water marks on the front of the system. Posting here before I give up and dump the system. All external hoses tight, drain to sink all fine. I've had top off and can see nothing obvious. Anyone any ideas at all?? 

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Hi. With leaks the only thing you can do is physically find where it’s leaking from by examining everything. There’s no way someone can describe a leak and be told what is leaking.

Water can run around and come out from one place, but it may have come from somewhere else nowhere near where it showed on the floor.

I would suspect the pump, but you can’t just replace the pump, you’d have to examine it to see if it really is leaking from there. Water from a hose for example could leak onto the pump from higher up. 

Intermittent leaks can be very difficult to find. One thing to make sure is that it’s not leaking from the plumbing such as the taps or fill hoses or the drain hose where it pumps out the water.

I once had someone buy a new washing machine from me because the old one had a bad leak, but when I delivered and installed it the leak was still there because it leaked out of the plumbing when it pumped out water. 

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Had a very quick search to see if any Bekos had any leaking issues, and this video came up ( about 3 minutes in):   youtube.com/watch?v=EJ7ghW3hk3A

Haven't watched it, just scrolled through and seen the  comments, but it seems some Beko models have a short bit of tube connecting the top of the tub to the drain pipe, which can come off, probably when it shakes too much. I assume it is supposed to be a steam vent, or might even supposed to rinse the spider/back of the tub when it drains.

In addition to Andy's suggestions I would take the dispenser draw out and check the top and the back of the compartment for mould and detergent which can block the jets and cause water to leak, and also the back of the tub, below the spindle, water can leak out the vent hole between the bearings, or the bearing itself, if the bearing seal fails (rust stains are a giveaway).

Also was any of the debris from the trap coins, or keys etc that could puncture the plastic tub?


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