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AEG 9000 drum doesn’t move

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I’ve got an AEG LFR94946WS and it worked fine yesterday but today when I’ve gone to use it it’s filled up with water but the drum doesn’t move. The machine doesn’t display any errors and after a couple of minutes resets itself. 

I took the back off the machine and the belt is fine (plus the machine is only 5 months old). 

I’ve booked a warranty repair but it’s nearly two weeks away and I’ve currently got a sick toddler who is going through clothes and bedding almost as fast as I was washing them. 

Is there a way to get some kind of error report on these machines or even factory reset them in case of a software error? It just seemed odd that there was no warning of the failure. 

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Hello there. Hope you get it sorted quickly. I wouldn't rely on these retained error codes. They only show the last error code. Some faults occur that don't generate an error code, so someone investigating could be investigating a completely different fault that is nothing to do with current issue.

If this is the first time a fault has occurred, then arguably any "last error code" saved is reasonably likely to be referring to the current fault. But some faults can be intermittent, so it's possible for an error code to register due to an intermittent fault and then clear itself leaving the recorded error code, which is not related to the current fault.

To be fair these are relatively unlikely events, but the point is you can't 100% rely on any legacy error code coming up that isn't being displayed by the machine itself right now during the fault.

You also have to factor in the problem of most error codes in that they are generally of little use to anyone but an experienced engineer. They only usually point to a very general area to investigate so without the knowledge, test meters and access to spare parts to "try" you have a big puzzle. I've also seen numerous examples where the error code displayed turned out to be nothing to do with the actual fault that was found.

If you take this error code for example, "motor failure". That does sound related to your current fault to be fair. But as an error code it is totally useless. It simply says the motor isn't running - but you know that, as you can see that the drum doesn't turn. However, it does not mean there is a fault on the motor (although obviously there could well be). It could for example be a connection fault in the motor plug or wring leading from the motor to the PCB.

Let us know the outcome, at 5 months old it's highly unusual for a "motor fault" and certainly no chance of anything being worn out yet.

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