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Softener won’t empty during cycle but will if I pull out draw and put it back in again

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Had this issue intermittently with a Hoover washing machine but now it seems to be a permanent feature.

The draws have been scrubbed and scrubbed, can’t see any blockage. The cycle completes with no error messages. But when I open the draw the fabric softener is still there but when I close the draw again it drains. I thought maybe the draw was coming out a little during the cycle (because it seems odd it drains after I re-shut it) so I tried tapping it shut but it’s not that. I’ve tried looking up this fault but not found anyone having same problems.

Never had a problem like this with any other washing machine. 

To add the pre and main wash draws empty fine.

I want to rule out anything simple just in case or something I might be doing.

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Did you check and clean the back and the top of the draw compartment for mould (you may need a torch), and for detergent blocking the holes at the top. A steamer works quite well if you have one.

Might be a blocked solenoid valve if your Hoover has a dedicated one for the fabric softener compartment, my Zanussi only has two solenoid water valves that feed two crossing water inlet jets at the back of the draw compartment that are supposed to spray water into the three shower sections above the draw. We had a problem with it not dispensing the fabric conditioner some years ago caused by black mould partially blocking one of the jets, the blockage diverted the jet into the wrong section and also caused some water to leak out the front.

Leaving the draw part open has stopped mould returning on mine.

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When you open the soap dispenser drawer is the fabric softener compartment full to the top with fabric softener and a bit of water? If so then pushing the drawer a start off the siphoning if it causes the liquid to spill over the side. If the fabric softener is still in place at the end of the cycle then the main suspect is that the water that is supposed to flood the compartment and start of siphoning is not going into the softener compartment.

This can be caused by a faulty water solenoid, but it can also occasionally be caused by a blocked nozzle at the top of the soap dispenser, or even the washing machine aborting the cycle before reaching the point of taking it in. I have written an article looking at all the causes here fabric softener not being taken out

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