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Bosch Logixx 9 Varioperfect washing machine sometimes stops during a programme

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Bosch Logixx 9 Varioperfect washing machine sometimes stops during a programme with nothing on the display and no lights on the buttons.

Pressing a button has no effect but usually after about five minutes the machine starts up again. This problem seems to be happening more frequently now.

I assume the fault is most likely to be with the "operating module" rather than the "power module"?


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If the whole washing machine goes completely dead and silent then it's more likely to be the main PCB, but if it appears to work normally, but just the display shuts down then it could be an issue with the control module. But could it be some sort of design behaviour where the display just shuts down to supposedly save energy? I appreciate that it probably isn't as I would have thought you'd have noticed it before.

If it's the whole machine that seems to shut down, or if the display flickers as if it's got a power supply problem, the first thing I would do is plug the washing machine into a completely different wall socket (even if you have to temporarily use a 13 amp extension cable) just to make sure there isn't a problem with the wall socket. I had a very similar problem with my microwave where it just shut down part way through and it turned out to be an extremely loose neutral wire inside the wall socket.

Other than that it could be a connection problem, a broken wire problem or a dry joint somewhere. It can be difficult to track down something like this without access to spare parts to swap out and check.

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I had tried a different socket but it made no difference.

I have also removed the top of the machine and checked all of the wiring connectors etc that I can get to.

When it stops it appears as if there is no power but after 4 or 5 minutes it starts up again.

For example when it stops on the rinse section of a program it starts again after 4 or 5 minutes then runs for a few minutes then stops again for 4 or 5 minutes then runs again for a few minutes then stops again for 4 or 5 minutes etc etc. It appears to restart from the point that it had got to rather than going back to the start so it does eventually finish.

If I just put it on a rinse or just a spin for example the same thing happens.

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