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Issue With Washer/Dryer - Possibly Drum Related.

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Hi guys, 

I hope you're all keeping well. 

I have an issue with my Nordemende integrated washer/dryer, which I was hoping you might be able to help me with. 

During a recent wash cycle, the machine began making very loud thumping noises and trashing about. I immediately turned the machine off and on initial inspection noticed that the rubber ring surrounding the door had been twisted out of shape (see picture attached). Although the drum appears to still rotate as it normally would have, on closer inspection, I could see that it was out of alignment, as its distance from the front of the machine at the top was much greater than that of the bottom, if that makes any sense? I'm assuming this is what caused the rubber ring to get twisted out of shape. 

Any suggestions on what what might have caused this and suggestions on how it can be fixed would be greatly appreciated. 

Kind regards,



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  • Root Admin

Hello Steve. Unless it's quite severe, it is normal for the gap between the front rim of the drum and the back of the door seal to be wider at certain points and narrower at other points. Very few of them are perfectly round. So I'm just wondering if maybe it's not been noticed before, and only been noticed now you are carefully examining it?

The door seal looks as if it has been forced out of line due to either a fault causing the drum to go completely out of balance, or possibly just a really bad load that went out of balance. Exactly what did you have in the time?

If you look at the vent that is moulded into the door seal, this looks like the vent where the hot air from the dryer section is blown into the drum. I've only ever seen them at 12 o'clock position. So if you can imagine on peeling the front flange from the door frame and putting your hands over the door seal and twisting it to the right, it looks like that is what has happened.

It's always possible that it has been designed like that, and the vent in the door seal has always been there. You would need to disconnect the washing machine from the mains, and take off the lid to ascertain which one is the case. In fact, thinking about it, as that vent in the top of the door seal is fitted to a metal casing it seems quite unlikely unless it has been completely dislodged. So before using it again, you need to inspect it to see what happened.


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