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Miele W5872, wet load after spin, injects water towards end. Possibly faulty non-return brake valve ?

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thanks for reading my post.

I have a Miele W5872 edition 111, but have a problem in that the washing comes out soaking. I've noticed during the final spin cycle, at some point towards the end, water is injected into the drum - which I'm guessing shouldn't happen. We have to therefore run another spin at the end of each wash, and it is then fine.

I've taken the machine apart and cleaned out all pipes - which were fairly clogged up. I also spotted that it uses a part which I've researched as the 'non return brake valve'. This is internal to the machine and located the point where the external waste pipe connects. It also connects an internal pipe to the drum (I think from memory via the filter). For clarity, I don't mean the non-return valve on the inlet water. I've attached a photo of the part so you can be sure.

I removed it, and tested it under the tap. I'm fairly mechanically minded but don't have much experience with washing machines. But I would have expected to have filled the outlet at top of the valve (which is where the external waste water pipe connects to), and water should not come out the bottom (which is where the pipe from the drum connects to). But it does. Infact water comes in and goes out of all 3 holes very easily. Am I right that's how the valve can be tested, or do they not work like this ? It's my thoughts that during the spin, for whatever reason, the valve/pipe is letting this 'held' water back into the drum. Or is that just nonsense ? There was a hell of alot of crap that came out of this part when I washed it through, and the machine has had a lot of use in 10 years.

Or if anyone has any other ideas I'd be grateful. 

I can't easily afford the £300 for Miele to come and repair/diagnose, and the machine isn't worth that much now anyway.

thanks in advance



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Hi there. Sometimes they do inject water on the spin but it shouldn't really happen on the final spin. To be honest I'm not sure about this line of enquiry about of nonreturn valve because once water has been pumped down the drain, it has gone down the drain and it should not be possible for any of it to get back into the washing machine. I think Miele just go over the top, maybe it's just in case the washing machines drain hose is somehow sat in a pool of water due to a blockage and it is to stop water coming back under those exceptionally rare circumstances?

But if a washing machine is spinning properly, and the water pump is pumping out the water I've never known any circumstances where the laundry remains wet. But if you're noticing that it is putting a lot of water into the washing machine during spin I would think that that is directly the problem and maybe there is some fault with the PCB.

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