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Hoover e03 - Pressure Sensor - Faulty?

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Hoover VT 714 D23 - Error 3

My hoover has been displaying error 3 (unable to drain) when running any warm water cycle. It works without problem on cold cycle.

The drum fully drains on any cycle without problem. The pump is fully clear and functional.

The tube connecting to the pressure sensor is also clear and without obstruction.

My guess is that the extra heat (pressure) from a warm water cycle is triggering the pressure sensor.

Is the pressure sensor faulty? Could a new sensor fix the problem?

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Hello Alex. In my experience, the pressure switch is possibly the most reliable part on a washing machine. Historically, I have very rarely needed to replace one. However, they have changed in design drastically in recent years, so it's possible of course that these are not as reliable.

The first thing to establish is, when it triggers the error related to being unable to drain, is it telling the truth, or is it being misleading? There's no way that a washing machine can pump out cold water, but not warm or hot water. So my guess is that when it comes up with this error saying that it has been unable to drain out the water - it is completely wrong, and it has drained the water out.

This then puts the suspicion onto the pressure system, which you presumably have arrived at because you have realised that the error is erroneous. The pressure system controls the levels of the water, and tells the software when water is in the washing machine, and when the water has been successfully pumped away. So faults on the pressure system can tell the washing machine that it has not pumped the water out successfully, when in actual fact it has.

This is usually caused by a blockage of gunge inside the pressure chamber bottle. This gunge could the sort of malleable under warm or hot water conditions, so your theory could potentially be accurate.

When you said that the tube connecting to the pressure sensor is clear, this is only a small part of the pressure system. It's very rare for a blockage to occur inside there. A blockage is likely to occur inside the plastic bottle that the bottom of that pressure chamber tube connects to. If it is accessible, you need to remove it completely and check that the bottle itself and the aperture leading to the bottle on the drum is clear.

If you haven't already, read this article for a better understanding of how the pressure system works and common faults on the pressure system

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