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Old Blomberg machine motor?!

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Hi, my Mother gave me her old Blomberg washing machine, years ago and I have kept the thing running. I think she has replaced her machine 3 times since! Anyway to cut to the chase, I recently managed to burn the armature windings out on the motor. I could just go buy a new machine but I don't see why I should if I cane keep this one going still. The problem is finding a motor for such an old machine. I have even considered re-winding the armature but I am not sure I would even be capable of such a task, so I decided to join this forum, thinking that there may be someone out there who might be able to help me out somehow!? 🙏


Motor Label.jpg





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Hi. Yes I would think you would be unable to rewind an armature, it’s surely a specialist job needing specialist tools, and where would you even begin to get the windings?

Replacement armatures haven’t been available for decades either. The only option is a complete motor, but I’d expect one to be at least £100. 

Some Bloomberg washing machines where of a very high quality build, but I’m not sure that this one is one of them. The motor looks like a fairly average build. So it’s an expensive repair to carry out if it’s an old washing machine. If determined try UKWhitegoods. If they can’t get one, they are probably just no longer available. 

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Hi Andy and thanks for accepting my post and replying so quickly.

If you look on YouTube at how they re-wind motors in India, in very basic workshops (If you can call them that!), I think you would be amazed.. I was 😲

There are examples of how to re-wind an armature by hand on YouTube as well but I would be worried about not getting it right the first time but also I am sure I would have issues with getting enough heat to solder the wires to the commutator besides, I can't wait that long, I'm getting fed-up with hand washing my clothes or taking them to my Mums and collecting again, to get them washed there 🙄

Apart from the effort in manually re-winding an armature, I believe all you need is the correct gauge wire, to count the number of turns of the windings, the way it is wound and as I mentioned, something to get the commutator connections hot enough, to be able to solder the wire to them. One thing I would be concerned about though, is if the balancing would be messed up!

Basically I was hoping that there might be some washing machine fanatics or engineers, who look at your forum and who may just happen to have one of these motors lying around in there shed or back garden. A long shot maybe but I thought it was worth a try! The motor could be a bit rusty and covered in mud etc but so long as it would be possible to clean up, I'd give it a go.

As for the quality of this machine, I have always considered it to be well made, which is partly why I would be happy to put the effort in to keep the thing going. It is also simply a challenge.

Buying a motor from UKWhitegoods etc would simply be too expensive.


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