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Constant nightmare with washing machine

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Evening everyone, 

Im new here so firstly let me say Thankyou in advance to you knowledgeable people as I’m completely stumped.

Can anyone help?

My Bosh washing machine regularly stops towards the middle to end of the cycle with an E35 error. 

Now I believe it’s normally to do with excess or blocked water but it keeps reoccurring. 

The only way I can stop the beeping and get the door open to restart everything is like this:

- Open front little door at the bottom. Drain off water through a little pipe. 

Then open the valve and let water out. 

I then have to tip the washing machine forward to drain more water (appears from underneath flooding my room) and then it finally works again when I switch it back on. 

This then happens randomly again on another cycle but more and more often. 

It’s been a nightmare since we bought it and we have had engineers out who have replaced parts, pump etc. 

Our drains are clear. Been told to check them. No issues there. 

I’m at a loss as to what could be causing this. 

Anyone know or can help?



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  • Root Admin

Sorry I missed this. Is it fixed? If there's not much water left in machine and it does this it can be a blocked pressure system. If it has a lot of water inside when the error occurs it could be failing to pump water fast enough. That can be caused by various things but if it's intermittent it can be very hard to fix.


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On the off chance you're still having problems, BTW you didn't mention which model Bosch washing machine or its age so I've made a few assumptions 🙂

1. E35 indicates (perhaps erroneously?) that a leak has been detected by the float switch in the floor of the washing machine

2. Empty the machine, power off and open the back to see if there is any water around the polystyrene float which is used to detect early signs of flooding in the base of the washer, or problems with wiring to the associated microswitch

3. If there is water, you can dry it out and check but if the water / fault returns, you'll need to find out where the water is coming from, bear in mind the water may run down hoses or wires on to the floor making it difficult to find

4, Prime suspects are: the rubber door seal, the soap drawer, the pump(s) and cracked / split plastics or hoses if the machine is approx 3+ year or older, if the machine is new check for loose clamps screws etc

5. Hint: Use a sheet of dry news paper in the bottom of the machine to find where water is dripping from, if you're really struggling do an empty wash with brightly coloured food safe colouring added so you can see where water is coming from

  Hope this helps

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