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Hello, I think I may have an issue with my Beko washing machine and I hope maybe I could get an advice on what to do. I will do my best on trying to explain what has been happening with it.

First of all, the machine is quite new. I have it for one and a half years now. A couple of months ago, while running the usual wash and dry cycle I always do, the program suddenly stopped and it started making "beeping" sounds continuously. I tried turning it off, tried some sort of factory reset (as it was written in the manual) but nothing worked. I had to pull the plug out in order to make it stop. After about 15 minutes the machine would not even start up at all. The next day, I got in touch with the warranty service department and they suggested that I should check and possibly replace the wall power socket just to rule it out. The funny this is that, after I hung up the call, I tried to power on the machine and it actually worked this time... Even so, I replaced the wall power plug. After doing this, I started using the machine again. Everything seemed to be working pretty well at first, but all of a sudden it started doing the "beeping" sound again. This time however, it does it randomly during the wash cycle, but the program doesn't stop. I attached a video I managed to take during the drying part of the Wash and dry program. Even though the video is short (due to size limitation) it does the same sound, randomly, for the entirety of the wash cycle.

So, my question would be... does it look like a PCB problem ? I work with microcontrollers myself (although I know nothing about washing machines) and I am pretty sure this is not a normal behavior and I fear that it will only get worse. I know that probably I should call the service department again, but they seemed so unwilling to try and fix it last time that now I would like to give them as many details I can in order to convince them to come and have a look at it.

I hope I managed to describe my issue correctly.

Thank you !

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