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Aqualtis AQ113D697SUK leaking

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I have looked at the FAQ and cant really find an answer to the issues I am having. I have a leaking machine and the engineer from Whirlpool is coming out for its 3rd "fix" on Tuesday.  It only happens on the water fill about 40ish minutes into the wash, which my layman thoughts assume its coming from a different hose? it   comes form the left hand side of the door where the detergent drawer is.

The first engineer just checked the door seal, said it was ok and it must have been a freak happening- a pair of socks must of got balled or I had too much washing in it which "forced the door" he then proceed to sell me a years supply of cleaner and offered to replace the seal for £30 (my machine is insured with D&G thank god)

The second engineer came took the top off and said the drawer was loose - he replaced this as well as the pipe and the door seal. he assured me this would fix the problem as there is nothing else that would cause it to leak now. he did say that the only other thing that could be done was to replace the door but ! cant see that replacing the door would help?

I have noticed the time left for the cycle jumps form 27 up to 48 minutes, is this because it adjusts the wash according to the weight or may something be getting stuck?

I have videoed the whole wash cycle this time and offered to send to the engineers before the visit but this was declined

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Hello there. Why are they always looking at the door and door seal? Have you told them that the water runs down the door? Just that there are dozens of places a washing machine can leak from so just looking at the door and the soap drawer isn't very thorough.

Unfortunately these days engineers are under enormous pressure of time and they just do not get enough time. So they often basically guess, or just do something in the hope that it will fix it. If a washing machine only leaks about 40 minutes in then an engineer needs to pull it out, put it on a wash cycle and watch it for 40 minutes but there is absolutely no chance of that these days. If you have a very simple fault they are brilliant for any fault that takes more time to fix you get a bit of a raw deal these days.

Where exactly does the water come from?

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