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Zanussi ZWD1262W showing control board fault on drying but only if drying time set greater than 6 minutes

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I have a ZWD1262W. It works fine as a washing machine. However if I try to use the drying function it will initially work (run, air heats up etc) but where I set the drying time equal to or greater than 6 minutes then on count down the machine will stop and the led lights flash. When looking at the diagnostics it shows a control board fault. (If I set the drying time less than 6 minutes all is ok. The machine will also reset OK and function until again a drying time of more than 6 minutes is selected and on countdown the same fault occurs)

I tried a new heater but this didn't make any difference (thought perhaps an earth fault). 

I have found a replacement pcb (used) but it was for a different model of machine (though is an identical board). Is there a way of configuring the pcb to the ZWD1262W by using the buttons/ dial on the operator panel of the machine (photo of dials/ buttons attached)?



ZWD1262W operator Control.jpg

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Hello there. It might be a bit of messing about but could you try setting it for 5 minutes, then turning it off then setting it again for another 5 minutes? In other words it might be useful to find out if it is something about the program software running for longer than 6 minutes or is it more to do with it having physically run for more than 6 minutes. In other words could something be overheating, or is it something about the program lasting longer than 6 minutes?


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Hi, I left this for a while but have come back to it (apologies for the delay). Update on the symptoms. I can reset the machine and get it to either dry or wash but only if the reset procedure is done with the dryer heater element disconnected. I have tried a new dryer heater element but no change. When reset I can run a drying program for any time (25 minutes or less) and the machine will count down fine. However after running a drying program, the wash program will not run. The machine will fill but then the start/stop button flashes (instead of being continuous) and when looking at the fault code its E36. Again I can reset but only with the dryer heater disconnected (Another thing which may be useful to know is that when drying only one element of the dryer seems to have 240V supplied to it). After reset, I can run all wash programmes fine until a drying cycle is run and then the same problem and E36 comes up ( I believe this relates to the water level pressure switch - I checked for blockages, operation of the switch (click) etc and all seemed fine. The fact that it works on wash as long as a drying cycle has not run also suggests there isn't anything wrong here and that E36 error may be a spurious error). I suspect the main pcb may be at fault here. It may be some issue triggered by whatever switches the dryer heater on and off (relay on the pcb? Also as only one element of the dryer heater seems to come on, it maybe backs up this theory) The only other blog I came across suggested its the dryer heater element earth fault but a new heater element didn't fix the issue. The other symptom is that sometimes after initial fill, the fill valve will pulse continuously on and off with resultant overfilling of the machine. Again I don't think there is an issue with the pressure switch circuit but perhaps more likely the pcb. Of course I could use the washer dryer like this - and keep resetting as required - but it would be nice to resolve. Though 12-14 yrs old the machine is otherwise in good condition. Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Stuart

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Additional information on symptoms added
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