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John Lewis give 2 year guarantee on white goods appliances


My Lg Wd 12331 review

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We have purchased this machine after reading Washerhelps review, and we found it at a good price, (£330 inc vat and delivery)

It comes with a one year manufacturers warranty.

We thought we would just go with that. I forgot to check out spares and availability, only remembering that Washerhelp said they were easy to work on. And if this turns out to be a lemon, we will go and try a top of the range next time, like Miele.

Call it an experiment:-)

This model has a 7kg drum (3.5 drying capacity)and adjustable spin speed from 400 to 1200

A hot and cold fill, which despite the discussions, I still prefer:-)

Also see Washerhelps comments on this thread.


The instructions for commissioning the machine were easy to follow and clear. A large two sided sheet of instructions. You have to remove four large transit bolts (the spanner is supplied), and the holes left are then covered by some plastic caps which are also supplied, fitted to the back of the machine.

The instructions for leveling of the machine were on the same sheet very clear and using the other end of the spanner supplied to adjust the feet.

There are also helpful sections on what to use and procedures on different floor surfaces.

The base of the machine has a cover and also when you remove the top there is a complete metal cover.

The door opens wide to almost touch the front face. And the lock/catch is metal, and easy to open and close.

This is a very quiet machine on full spin (1200), a low gentle hum, (to my ears) the noisiest thing is the pump. I can live with that, but it is a bit of a shame.

I found the controls fairly easy and intuitive to use.

As Washerhelp said, it plays a little tune when you turn on the power, I usually hate beeps etc, but it is a rising scale, and pretty quick, so not bad.

The warning when the programme is finished is a kind of electronic cuckoo (again washerhelps description, but, accurate)

It only does this 6 or 7 times within seconds of finishing, and there is no more repeat of the alarm, then it shuts down the power and lights.

The door lock stays locked for about a minute, so even when you are drying stuff, you have to pause the programme and wait for the lock light to go out.

If you leave the machine on pause for longer than 4 minutes it shuts the power down.

So far I have no complaints, except I haven't quite figured out the dryer yet.

The controls are easy, with four drying options, which I haven't tried out yet.

The only one I have used so far is the normal, and it has taken ages for the stuff to dry. But I was used to a vented dryer in the past and I don't think that condensers work as well, or maybe it is just the compromise of a washer /dryer with a condenser. So can't really complain.

And like my last washer, ("sigh") there is a water puddle left in the bottom edge of the door seal after spinning, it doesn't drain away completely.

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