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BEKO WY104764MB Fault

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I started a Super Short cycle on my Beko WY104764MB on 16/03/20. When I came back to collect the washing, it had not drained properly. I drained the washing machine manually and checked the filter, which had collected a few bits but nothing major. I then attempted to run the Super Short cycle again. This time, the washing machine started to fill up with water for around 5 seconds whilst making noise, and then stopped for around 20 seconds. This process continued to repeat, so I suspected that the problem was with the water feed.

The water feed seemed like it was OK, so I put the machine on to a spin and drain cycle. The washing machine started to make the same noise that was occurring during the filling process, whereby it would try to do something for 5 seconds, and then cut out for 20, and would continue to repeat this. For this reason, I suspected that the problem may be the belt/motor. I removed the rear of the washing machine and found no problems with the belt. I removed the motor and decided to disassemble it, during this process the nuts/screws on the motor were not very tight. I cleaned the contacts on the motor and tightened it back up. I then ran the same cycle and it worked completely fine, before getting to the draining stage and it cutting out again.

This time I was able to witness the machine attempt to drain, and this repeated the same noise that occurred previously. The machine would attempt to drain for 5 seconds whilst making a noise, then it would stop for 20 seconds. During this draining stage, the washing machine would state that there were 4 minutes left of the cycle. This time stuck at 4 minutes for around 5 minutes, whilst the machine attempted to drain. And eventually the machine powers itself down.

So basically, the machine either intermittently fills up and never reaches the spin stage. Or it fills up, completes the spin stage, but fails at the draining stage. 

The washing machine was included when I moved in to my new house, and is at least 3 years old, probably more.

If anyone could advise on what the problem may be that would be fantastic.

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If it makes a noise when draining and doesn't drain it's usually something inside the pump or the pump itself that's faulty.

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