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Beko WTX91032W hit by lightning

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Hello there everyone, I hope that you can help me with a problem!
Two days ago my Beko washing machine was doing a normal washing cycle while outside was raining with some thunders and lightnings. All of a sudden (two seconds after a thunder sound) I've heard a strong zap followed by a bang (very short timing) coming from the washing machine (strangely, the main circuit breaker of the house didn't go off) and when I went to see what happened I've found that the washing machine was, and still is. completely dead. The main panel doesn't turn on and the washer is completely unresponsive to any button I press. 3 or so minutes after the washer died the door lock clicked and I was able to remove the laundry that was inside and get rid of most of the residual water from the wash cycle.

I've called a technician that, once I've explained to him the problem and how it occurred, didn't even want to see the washing machine but immediatelly said that it needed a new board (motherboard i suppose), and that the lightning surely fried it.
I've unmounted the top panel and took a quick look around and nothing seemed odd, no burnt smell, cables looked fine. The power outlet is working since I've plugged an hair dryer and it worked.

Now, I'm no expert whatsoever when we talk about washing machines but I've read here and there that washing machines might have a fuse and my question is, do you think that it could just be a case of a blown up fuse and so there's no need in changing the main board? If so, where should I look for that fuse? Should I check something in particular?

With that being said, I thank you for your time!

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Hello. It's very rare for a washing machine to have an internal fuse. If a lighting strike was the cause then it should have done very obvious damage and completely wrecked the washing machine. It sounds more likely to have been an electrical surge caused by lightening. That can definitely damage electronic components, pcbs , control panels etc. Ideally we are supposed to use surge protector equipment to protect devices with pcbs and electronics inside but few of us do - except maybe for computers. 

I would think it possible for components to have been damaged without necessarily showing obvious signs but it's difficult to test them because appliance engineers don't repair pcb boards and no information is published about them. Check on your house contents insurance in case you are covered for this kind of thing. 

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