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Hotpoint washer/dryer wdl520p, stopping mid drain

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Hi, I've been having an odd issue with my hotpoint washer dryer, that's quite hard to google as everything about stopping while draining is about blockages.

It stops at some drain point in the cycle, when empty it will fill up with water fine and there seems to be no issue with it spinning, I replaced the drum assembly about 4 months ago as the bearings had gone, I have tried the dryer setting and it seems to heat up fine as well.

When on the drain cycle option, it will drain perfectly fine into the standing pipe, seems to be unobstructed flow, for about 5-10 seconds before stopping with all the lights flashing and door unlocking. I have taken all the hoses from the drum (hose with ball in) motor to the standing pipe and found no obstruction, I have cleaned them as well. I've cleared the coin trap bit with no issue and have taken the motor out when turning the drain cycle on and it spins perfectly fine, it seems to make a slighty different noise after a few seconds but seems to have no issue turning still, this sound started after I pulled out the metal cylinder part which attached to the cross turny bit (technical I know) basically the turning part of the motor inside the two coils, this is surrounded in plastic and did seem to be meant to be removable, it was covered in some gunk which I cleaned out. The sounds seems like maybe it rattles a bit. But the issue of stopping started before this (why i cleaned it out and it seems no worse or better since)

From having it half filled with water, it is possible to drain it by repeatably putting on the drain cycle, it stopping and flashing, turning it on and off, then putting the cycle on again.

I have left it off and unplugged over night and tried cycling it on and off, I've also tried getting it to run a few different cycles, normal use one, rince, dryer and the drain. All of these seem to stop mid way through draining.

Any idea of how to fix this would be greatly appreciated, I've been pulling my hair out trying to work out why it stops draining when its draining perfectly fine. 

Many thanks,


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Hi. Could the pump be jamming up due to a floating obstruction or maybe the pump is cutting out? When it stops pumping out does the pump stop running?

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