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Excessive dust on clothes

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Hi. Hoping someone can help me from going out of my mind. I have an LG front loader washer dryer. Even though I rarely use the dryer as I find it takes so long to dry clothes, I am really having a problem with what seems like excessive dust on my freshly cleaned clothes once dried (even line dried). It tends to be with stretchy materials more such as pants/socks/T-shirt’s etc. I’m conscious about not putting too much liquid/powder in, and not overloading the machine. I’m also conscious about not having it on the full 14000 spin incase that’s too harsh on the clothes but nothing seems to help and it becomes a little embarrassing when I’m out and whenever I move I puff with a cloud of dust. I say it’s dust rather than lint as there’s no obvious lint fibres on the garments that you would normally wipe away with a wet hand or some tape and there is not residue. It’s almost like he minute you start to disturb the material it sheds everywhere. I’ve checked my filter and pretty much clear. The one thing I did notice was that water didn’t come out of the hose and so I had to just allow the water to drain from where I took out the actual filter cage. I’ve never had this before. I’ve has dust in wardrobes etc like anyone but these clothes aren’t even making it to the wardrobes before they’re dusty. 

Please someone help. Not being able to resolve this issue is really starting to frustrate me. 


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I can't think of anything in a washing machine that could cause dry dust other than if by not using the dryer section for so long there is lint and fluff in the fan housing that has totally dried out. Try putting it on a full drying cycle to see if it improves things. Make sure you leave the water on as the dryer needs water to work.

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