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Bosch 1400 express not reaching full spin.

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Have a Bosch Classix 1400 express in storage which seems to work on wash cycle, but once it reaches the spin cycle it never gets above  the lowest revolution, then  stops and restarts trying to spin.I have recently been told it could need resetting after going into unbalanced mode.There is a way to reset these by following a set sequence of turning knobs and pressing buttons, but i cant find any information anywhere.Even when empty the thing will not speed up on spin.Took the top off to watch for any telltale signs during this anomaly.The only thing i noticed was one of the relays woukd  flash just before the machine stopped turning...only  to start through the spin sequence /balancin sequences....again, then relay flash....I did overload the machine before this happened now it just sits in a garage waiting for help.

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Hello. There is no reset for an out of balanced load. The slow turning at the beginning of a spin cycle is called distribution speed. The washing machine tries to balance the laundry evenly. If it can't, it stops and starts again. If it can, it goes into a proper spin. Theoretically a modern washing machine shouldn't go into an out of balance spin because of this system. But even if it did nothing would need resetting afterwards. The out of balance system just works and constantly monitors the load during the spin cycle.

If one did go into a violent out of balance spin then there's always the possibility of something getting damaged but it should be quite rare as the motor should switch off as soon as it went badly out of balance.

When you say it is in storage, do you mean you took it out of storage and found this fault or you've put it in storage after it went faulty?




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