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Rubber seal damage between inner and outer drum - usable while waiting for repair?

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I've tried the troubleshooting guides for common problems, but haven't been able to work out the answer to this.  I'm hoping someone here can help.


I recently completed a wash in my Samsung Eco Bubble washer only to find both the seal around the door and the clothes themselves covered in small pieces of grey rubber residue.


Further examination showed that the rubber door seal had started to disintegrate near the metal rim of the inner drum, about half way up from the bottom of the drum, I'm guessing that maybe something got stuck between drum and seal and friction then caused the seal to wear away.


Now I know very little about washers, but from what I can glean from the articles, I think I'm right in believing that the metal inner drum I can see is actually surrounded by an outer drum.  The damage to the seal (see pictures) is only at the point where the seal meets the inner drum, that is (I believe) it is in the region between the inner and outer drum.  While it has made the seal very loose around the edge of the inner drum, I've checked the seal closer to the door and it still seems to be held tight to what feels like the edge of the outer drum (where I guess the inner restraining band is) and also around the front of the machine (where I can see the outer restraining band if I peel it back a bit).

Am I right in thinking this means that the damage will only be letting water into the gap between the two drums, where water is supposed to go anyway?  And does this mean it will be safe to continue using the machine while I wait for an engineer to come and replace the seal?  I realise that it may not work anyway, as the seal may just disintegrate further all over the clothes.  But it is my daughter's Birthday party in a few days so if there's a chance I can use the washing machine still that would be extremely useful.  But obviously at the same time I don't want to risk it if there is any chance of water getting into the electrics, motor or anywhere else it really shouldn't.


If anyone could check over the attached photos and advise me, it would be extremely helpful!


Thanks in advance...




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Yes water goes past this gap into the main drum anyway. This damage can be cause if an item of laundry gets caught between the drum rim and door seal and gets dragged around at speed during spin. It's friction damage. However, it could also be cause if the drum bearings are worn and there is excessive play on the inner drum causeing the drum lip to close closer. If the latter is the case though you would expect the drum to be rumbling when you spin it by hand and you should be able to lift the drum up and down on the shaft.

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