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Washer Dryer stopping mid cycle on some programs

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I've gone through the guide but I didn't find anything that really matched the issue that I'm having.


I've got a Waltham WTLS75WAV14 washer dryer. Whenever I use it it stops mid cycle. It will fill with water, get soapy, and slosh things around. However at some point it will go from saying that there is still X minutes left to just saying that it's finished. No error codes etc. It doesn't get as far as spin, and I think doesn't rinse either. If I put it directly on spin then it will spin no problem, the same for rinse, or dry. So each function works correctly, but it won't move through the full sequence. However there is one function, "easy maintenance" (it's written in French), that works perfectly. The machine goes through the whole cycle and washes the clothes exactly how it should. 

All the guidance etc that I've seen gives suggestions for what to do if the problem is consistent across all cycles due to a bad sensor, switch etc, but not what to do if one works normally. Does anyone have an idea for what might be causing this? A replacement control board is pretty expensive so I don't want to start replacing things like that unless it's god a good chance of fixing the machine.

I can't find the user manual online, and there doesn't seem to be any way of contacting the manufacturer. Waltham is apparently owned by Vestel, but even they only have a postage address and no mention of Waltham on their website.


Thanks for reading, and for any advice. 

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Yes replacing the main PCB would be foolish. It would be a pure guess, and a very expensive one if it didn't fix the problem. Can you tell if the washing machine is heating the water at all? As you say if it goes through one cycle okay but not others that poses a problem because all of the wash cycles should rely on the same parts and the same sensors to function properly, so it's very unusual for one cycle to work but not others unless by any chance that cycle doesn't heat the water.

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In the end I did a wash cycle with the drum empty and 500ml of vinegar added, and it's been perfect ever since. The "easy maintenance" cycle doesn't have a spin cycle in it, so presumably it wasn't waiting for the water level to drop, and hence wasn't using the water level sensor. Problem solved!

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