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Beko washing machine won't start

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Hello all,

First time posting so please be gentle! I have a Beko WMB81241LW washing machine which won't start a wash cycle. The led screen lights up and the start symbol constantly flashes despite pressing the button to try and start it. I've tried unplugging overnight and manually resetting by holding the start/pause button for 5 seconds but it has had no effect and is stuck in this state. In diagnostic mode it brings up error code E05 but won't cycle through test functions. I have had trouble with the pump ever since an eco washing ball my father put in the machine cracked releasing small balls which got stuck in the pump. It wouldn't drain twice and I've removed several of them since. Also, I heard the pump whining a week ago whilst the machine was on a wash. Thinking this to be the problem (pump was showing as open loop on resistance test with multimeter when I removed it and the error code is I believe problems draining) I have fitted a new pump but alas there is no change in the condition. I thought maybe that the door interlock was causing the problem and reading on the internet this is a common fault.

Is there any way of testing the interlock with a multimeter to see if it needs changing?

Or is this is a pcb problem? If it is then I will be making the decision of spending £80 odd quid for the part or putting that money towards a new machine......

Any thoughts and help on this would be great.



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  • Root Admin

Hello Charlie. If the fault is related to the pump in any way then the washing machine should be leaving water inside. You could check that none of the small balls have got stuck in the U bend connection under the sink if the drain hose is attached there. The little plastic spigot that the drain hose attaches to can commonly get blocked with things. This can reduce the water flow out through the drain hose. Or even stop it altogether.

I have an article about when the washing machine won't start, and there is a link within it that describes how a door interlock works. If the door interlock is at fault then the washing machine would normally appear to be perfectly okay and let you select the wash cycles but it would not start. However, they will often give some error on the control panel indicating that the door isn't closed, though not always.

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