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New Machine - Noisy Pump

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Found this website AFTER I bought my new machine whilst googling to find out why new machines are cold fill only...

Anyway I plumbed in the new machine last Thursday. It's nice enough and washes clothes just fine. However it's a lot noisier than the old one, with a 'whizzy' spin that is audible as the wash progresses (sounds like something needs oiling).

However the main thing that concerns me is that it seems to be pumping an awful lot, even whilst spinning and I don't recall my old machine doing this. I used the waste pipe under my sink same as the old machine and I was very careful not to foul the waste hose when pushing the new machine back under the worktop. Do I need to pull out the machine to investigate or do modern machines pump a lot more.

Great website by the way.


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Welcome Indesit Man. The pumps on budget washing machines can be pretty noisy, and can be audible even above the spinning. If you mean your washing machine is pumping the water out, and you can hear the pump running, then unless the washing machine error codes or the control knob is clicking round there shouldn't be a fault. Almost all washing machines pump all the way through spin. If by any chance the water is going down the drain on wash and rinse but the pump isn't running, this could be due to siphoning - Fills and empties at the same time caused by the waste water pipe being pushed down too low.

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Thanks for the reply. I pulled the machine out today just to make sure the waste hose wasn't being fouled in any way. It wasn't, so I'm happy that the pumping is just what this machine does, just can't recall the old one pumping as audibly that was all.

It does drain the water pretty quick with no error codes, clicking dials etc so I reckon all is well

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