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Need a trusted new washing machine

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Hello. In my honest opinion washing machines are virtually the same these days. There's little between them in design and build quality. To me the main difference between most brands is after-sales. Manufacturer's attitude and availability of technical information and spare parts plus length of their guarantee are key points for me. It's got to the stage that when I was part of a team working with Which? and we stripped down about a dozen different brand new washing machines there was so little difference between any of them it surprised even us. We laid down every individual part side by side in a large warehouse. Walking along all the individual parts there was no noticeable difference between any of them. All their drums looked the same, all their door seal, belts, bearings, pumps, motors, water valves all looked essentially exactly the same.

Only the Miele washing machine had parts that were clearly of superior quality, but even several of the parts in the Miele looked no different to the rest. My opinion is that only Miele stand out as a superior washing machine. I have an article here on the subject Which is the best washing machine to buy?

If you want to research reliability and reviews the best place is at Which? (Why subscribe to Which?

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7 hours ago, FTaylor said:


I'm looking to buy a new washing machine and really don't know which one to get. I inherited my last one from a family member so didn't have much choice, so now that I do have a choice, I have no idea!

Hi there - good place to start with is to make a list of what is important to you. Do you want something expensive that has a good reputation for lasting for years and years then look for something like a Miele and forget the rest maybe. 

If you are looking for run of the mill but with good features and a decent amount of programmes and 5year warranty on parts, you cannot go wrong with Indesit or Hotpoint  range I'd say .

If you are looking for cheap and cheerful with smaller 6kg drum and no bells and whistles (even some of them no LED display) you could most probably pick up an own brand (or obscure brand) washing machine for around 180quid

If you are going to have the washing machine in earshot (say if its to be in the kitchen instead of a laundry/utility room) and want to get quietest possible ask for one with a brushless induction motor

If you want bells and whistles and gadgety (things like a machine which communicates with your phone)  but at a cheap price  have a look at the Candy one in Argos. 

If you want bells and whistles and gadgety (things like a machine which communicates with your phone) and auto dosing and expensive Have a look at the the top range Samsung one that has a colour touchscreen like an ipad! - and wi-fi features!  (very expensive though!)

Hope that gives you a few pointers as to what is on the market at the moment and as to what you have to choose from. - you didnt state how much you wanted to pay or what specific features you were looking from so I thought I would give you a few options out there :) 

Best of luck

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These answers are fantastic! It's exactly what I was looking for!

I've been having a look around and I found this washing machine that's not badly priced at under £200. It's nothing fancy, but what do you think? From what I've seen, Indesit seem to do a good range at a range of prices, so I can still get a good one but rather cheaply!

I think that for a first one, I'm not looking for an overly complicated gadgety one, only one that I can just put the washload in, press a button or two and BAM, it starts working, nothing overly complicated!

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Hi, well then i think for that amount of money or thereabouts you are not going to go too wrong. Just to be aware that if there is a sticker on the front of the machine that normally Hotpoint and Indesit (which i think are same company now these days) normally offer 5 years warranty but thats for cost of parts and doesnt cover engineers time and callout charges which could be quite pricey if you need it , and also be aware that you know it may not last as long as a Miele washing machine or make like that ... but also that you havent paid those kind of prices for those kind of manufacturers appliances either. - i personally like Indesit over say a Beko, or something like a currys own make (I think they are called Essentials or Logik) and well, the other things in the price range would be say a Bush model from ARGOS but I have never had a bush washing machine before so I cannot really advise - but yes if your not into technology so much then that model INNEX washing machine should be very easy to use. and it should have a quick wash o n it too so it should be easy to use .. oh and a one push button 'push and wash' - 6KG not too bad as long as you are not wanting to wash very large loads or big things like Duvets. It more than likely at that price will have brushes in the motor , but dont worry, it should last for many years without the brushes being replaced as long as you dont overload the machine drum (when loading put hand on top of washing and turn hand, thats the amount of free space you want to leave between top of washing and top of drum - this will clean clothes better, less strain on the motor, less noise/vibration when spinning) with brush type motor it should be quiet enough when washing, but just a bit of a 'squeal' as it spins - pay about 50-100 a bit more for an Indesit INNEX and you may bag yourself a better bargain as in brushless motor, 9kg drum instead of 6kg, a LED panel with time to end digits and should also have that easy to use 'push button wash' blue button, load washing, push that button and it should do a quick wash of 1hr, 40c (or 30c) and 1000rpm spin (ideal for not heavily soiled 'everyday' washing) 
Good luck.

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