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Spare Parts For A John Lewis Machine

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Thanks for this great website - Just what I was looking for!

I'm considering buying a John Lewis washing machine following the positive comments about them on this site.

It will either be a JLWM1202 washer or a JLWD1406 washer drier, final decision resting on whether my wife decides she really wants a washer dryer or whether we can make do with just the washing machine.

A question I have is if I decided one day to perform a DIY repair, how easy would it be to get parts for them and how would I know what parts to order?. Since the machines are made by Electrolux, do most Electrolux/AEG/Zanussi/John Lewis machines all use the same parts so parts for one will fit another? Is there an 'equivalent' AEG/Zannusi machine for the 2 John Lewis machines I mention above?

Any advice appreciated,



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Hello and welcome Paul. The majority of parts should be the same as the equivalent Zanussi versions. You’d just need to treat it as a Zanussi and quote the model number. I've known problems getting some spares for "badged" washing machines but it's when people don't know who made it. Some of them in the past have been made by obscure companies that don't have much presence in the UK.

The only parts that could need ordering could be things like the control panel, which will be special to the John Lewis version although it's unlikely you'd need to replace it. It’s possible that something like the door may be different from the Zanussi production version too because models to be sold under someone else’s name will look different. It’s also possible that a minority of parts inside could be specified differently, but all major functional parts are likely to be the same. There's no way a manufacturer can make a washing machine for someone else, and not use standard parts that they already manufacture for their own production line - it just couldn't be done economically. At the end of the day, Zanussi will have all parts, and future spares should be as available from them like as other Zanussi. Parts like carbon brushes, belts, pumps, door seals etc should be identical to "normal" Zanussi machines and available from anyone who sells Zanussi parts.


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Thanks for the quick reply & the reassurance,

In fact I typed in JLWM1202 on the espares website and it came up with about 113 replacement parts it could offer for this washing machine confirming what you say that parts are easily identifiable and readily available.

I'm pretty sure we'll go with this model. Thanks again for the valuable advice.


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