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  1. Hello, Thanks for this great website - Just what I was looking for! I'm considering buying a John Lewis washing machine following the positive comments about them on this site. It will either be a JLWM1202 washer or a JLWD1406 washer drier, final decision resting on whether my wife decides she really wants a washer dryer or whether we can make do with just the washing machine. A question I have is if I decided one day to perform a DIY repair, how easy would it be to get parts for them and how would I know what parts to order?. Since the machines are made by Electrolux, do most Electrolux/AEG/Zanussi/John Lewis machines all use the same parts so parts for one will fit another? Is there an 'equivalent' AEG/Zannusi machine for the 2 John Lewis machines I mention above? Any advice appreciated, Thanks Paul.