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Bluesky BLF 1009/1 Error

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Hi Guys,

New to the forum, I hope someone can help.

We have recently bought an apartment which has a relatively old machine, a BlueSky BLF 1009/1 which stopped draining.  Usually I open the bottom trap and remove a sock and all works fine. This time the trap was empty.

I put the machine carefully on it's side and remove the pip going to the trap and found a sock. Replaced the jubilee clip put the machine upright and felt rather pleased with myself.

Bad news. It now wont even start.  I am just getting 3 lights flashing on the front of the unit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JeUXmVy4lyY

I have managed to find online manuals for the machine, but they are all in Spanish:


I took the time to translate the error codes, but I can't see any that describe the 3 "program lights" flashing as the issue:

Taken from: manual%2Baverias%2BBLUESKY%2BBLF1009-1%2

Error 1: The start / pause light blinks rapidly
Error 2: The ready program light blinks very quickly.
Error 3: The start / pause and ready program light indicator flash quickly.
Error 4: The start / pause and ready program light flash quickly.
Error 5: The start / pause and end flash indicators flash quickly
Error 6: The ready program light and program ended, flash quickly.
Error 7: The start / pause indicator light, ready-set timer, and finalized timer flash rapidly.
Error 8: The start / pause indicator lights, ready program and finalized program, flash rapidly.
Error 9: The ready program light and the program end indicator light up permanently without blinking

Here is the detail of the lights in question showing my flashing lights as 'Program Lights'


Anyone got any ideas? I have checked the water inlet, checked for anything I may have knocked while removing the pipe (there was really nothing around it).  Perhaps some kind of sensor that has tripped?

Any help is very much appreciated.



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That diagram they produce is a bit confusing. Needs studying a bit to make any sense of it. Presumably it's because they are dual lights/buttons?

The start pause light is clearly the first light. So as it doesn't flash we can safely discount all error codes starting with, "The start / pause.." which is most of them. Your number 3 and 4 erro meaning translations are the same though btw.

If there's an error system in place but the lights flashing aren't part of the error system it's not good.I don't recommend putting a washing machine on its side. Laying down on the front or back is safest. But not laying down at all unless properly drained too. If you lay a washing machine over when it has water inside then water can run down inside and get onto the pcb or electrics. This is possibly what happened. 

There's a very slight outside chance if water has got onto something then it could dry out after several days but it's a long shot. If this fault only occurred after laying it down it has to be related but if no wires or plugs (i.e motor  plug) were disturbed it is likely to be related to water getting in somewhere.

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