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Aqualtis washing machine leaking fron underneath

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I have a recently found water seeping from underneath my washing machine.  The leak is at the back where there appears to be some sponge padding wrapped round an open ended tube that is near the floor. The tube has grit and debris in it .  This is located at the side of the washing machine by the motor. The sponge is stuck to the side of the WM.

I was told by another forum that in all probability it is the pump that has gone and that is why it can take several hours and sometimes days for the leak to appear.  I have been away for three weeks and the washing machine has not been used in that time and the water to the house has been switched off.  i turned the water on and the next day there was water seeping from underneath the washing machine.  The washing machine had not been on, so no water had been pumped in or out.  Could it still be the pump or perhaps a hose that has started leaking.  I have had the back and the top off and looked to see if I can trace the leak.  There is no sign from the top and there is no leak from the water inlet valve.  Any help would be appreciated.  Admittedly the machine is nine years old and it hasn't broken down in all that time.  i have checked the drains and there doesn't appear to be any problem.  The water drawer is functioning properly but I recently cleaned the area where the water comes in to the drawer while the drawer was out.  Many thanks.

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A washing machine pump can hold a pint or so of water. They can sometimes slowly leak this out when the washer is switched off. However, such a leak would normally be even worse when the washing machine is running. Also, the pump can't hold a lot of water so any leaf from it shouldn't amount to more than a pint or so. If you didn't turn off the water supply to the washing machine then it could leak from there.

If the pump is leaking as suspected it should be caked in rust and dried powder. Does it look clean?

This article might help Washing machine leaking from underneath, intermittently or when not in use


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