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Bosch WFO2467GB/15 - Drum starts with no water

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Hello all, help needed! 

In my infinite wisdom, and against the advice (and tutting) of both wife and mother in law, I decided to take on a repair of our washing machine that required a new drum bearing fitting.

Devil of a job, but thanks to the reams of video available made reasonably easy, with a cost of around £60. Too good to be true.

Machine started up and worked a treat....Until the fuse blew 2 days later. 

After deducting that the fuse blowing was due to a short on the heater element (looks like a direct result of drum misalignment - probably due to bearing wear) I purchased a new element and fitted it. Cost around £28. Easy peasy....

Then on power up, the Control module LED wouldn't light up :-(

Eventually put this down to the short circuit and located a 2nd hand controller via Ebay for £25.

Fitted it yesterday and although the LED now lights up, the issue is that when you select for e.g. a cotton wash program and press start, there is a delay, then the drum starts the agitation cycle with no water entering the machine whatsoever!! Piss*ed off is an understatement and the words "told you so" are ringing in my ears to the point were I am almost in agreement :-)

Cant find any schematics online for the machine or controller (its a Siemens EPW59159 03 controller).

Also not sure if this module needs some form of programming procedure that perhaps I have missed.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Feels like throwing good money after bad, but pride is at stake here folks.


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Hello Ian. You have my sympathies. A stubborn, but never-give-up type of man :) I don't recommend attempting drum bearing repairs as it's a very big job, often requires special tools or even can't be done due to the way they are designed to only allow replacement of the drum rear half (with bearings already in) or even the whole outer drum complete with drum and bearings. 

Some PCs do need programming. However, just make sure it isn't anything silly like a kinked fill hose or the water turned off. It's easy to forget the simple explanations. If the washing machine does the spin cycle ok but won't take water in on wash cycles check everything in this article first Washing machine won’t fill with water

Another possible explanation is that contacts inside the pressure switch could have fused together when it fused. This is less likely if it tripped an RCD because it should happen so fast it shouldn't generate a big power surge. If the pressure switch has stuck contacts then it will think it has water inside when it hasn't and will start to wash - and put the heater ON! which will damage it!

If the pressure switch is to blame it should also prevent the washer going into a spin. Check this out - Faults on pressure system and how pressure system works




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Hi Andy, thanks a lot for taking time to reply, much appreciated :-) Good news to tell! I took a look at the connections from the devices to the control module. All but one plug was standard, with robust connections between wire and plug terminal. However one particular plug had a style that looked more like a telephone "vampire" connection that has 2 sharp blades that pierce the PVC sheathing making contact with the copper conductor. I had had to remake this off previously as the 2 wires came out of the connection when I was unplugging it during the module swap over. When I looked closely, the PVC was not fully pierced on one of the 2 conductors. I corrected this, plugged it back in and the machine now works a treat :-) Anyhow, thanks again, great site and a superb knowledgebase that I am sure I will be returning to again (probably in 2 days when the next failure happens!). In the meantime, I will of course make hay while the sun shines with wife and mother in law. Non believers eh? ;-)

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