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Hotpoint Wmf760. Is There A Problem With My Washing Machine?

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I have a Hotpoint WMF760. I didn’t originally plumb it in when new. There were 2 water feeds available (it was connected to blue) and a drop pipe for the outlet pipe to hook over. About 1 year ago (when it was 4 years old) it stopped pumping water out. I diagnosed the outlet pipe had clogged and damage the drainage pump. I cleared the pipe and changed the drainage pump and it has worked fine ever since.

Last month we moved house. I plumbed it in myself. This time it was under a sink. I took the outlet pipe off to clean it (I was going to get new one but couldn’t quickly find one with a 90 degree connection to the pump) and get a jubilee clip to ensure it doesn’t pop off under the sink. While doing this I may have tweeked a bit of the wiring just below the drum. I ran a 90 deg wash.

I didn’t do the first few washes as my wife did. We have always used program 3 and set the temp to 30 and the spin to 1200. Upon finishing a wash the load has always been noticeably warm when removed from the machine and giving off steam.

The first time I used the machine I realised the load was very cold on immediate removal. I asked my wife if she had noticed this and she said yes for the last couple of loads but it was fine before that. I am not sure if she is feeding me a red herring here but on this basis I figured something had gone wrong with the washer heating the water. There are however no error codes and the washer completes it cycle in the normal time.

To test the heating I ran another 90 deg wash and the water definitely heats up.

Now I am not sure if there is a fault or not. My wife thinks the washer is not cleaning clothes as well as it used to. I have checked a couple of 30 deg cycles (touching the door a few times) and they don’t ever feel warm but there is definitely a temperature change.

I bought a multimeter with a view to testing the heating element and temperature sensor after finding a video on youtube.

I am also wondering if at the old house it was somehow plumbed into the hot water feed and not the cold (e.g. tap colours on wrong?). Should the washer rinse with stone cold water as so the end result be cold or not?

Could there be a problem with the 30 deg selection that doesn’t affect the other temps, or some other fault that means the water isn’t heating properly but not producing an error? Could my tweeking the wiring cause this or would that not be possible?

Or is there no problem at all although I would like to know why the end temperature difference has occurred?

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Hello. The laundry should come out of the washing machine cold as explained here should the washing come out warm or cold? I wouldn't expect you to be able to detect any heat from a 30 degree wash, there's hardly any water goes into modern washing machines and not much gets above the door glass to heat it up.

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Thanks for that. To be fair I did see it from your reply to another post after I read a bit more of the forum. I can't check now but I guess the machine was connected wrong at my previous address. It was definitely on the blue tap though but this must have been wrong. At least my clothes have been getting a good wash for 5 years and I don't need to faff around fixing it. I doesn't help my wife saying it was warm for a few washes in the new place but I can only conclude that she is talking @@@@@. :/

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