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Whirlpool Awoe 8759 B - Help Identifying Problem

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Hi all,

I've just spent the last couple of days working through all the advice in the troubleshooting, and learned an awful lot about the innards of my washer in the process. Unfortunately, I still can't seem to resolve my problem...

Whirlpool AWOE 8759 B - The washer stopped mid-cycle (before draining) and displayed the F02 error code as well as the red grid symbol. This has happened before and it's usually caused by bits of junk blocking the impeller. After manually draining and checking the impeller I couldn't find anything causing an obstruction so I tried the washer again.

From this point forward I was able to get it to start a spin cycle, although it would then stop after less than a minute (before getting up to full speed). At this point I got the F02 error code and two symbols - a red spanner and a red tap with a diagonal line through it. I tried a wash cycle instead and although it was able to flush some water into the pre-wash drawer, the water stopped after less than a second and I got the same error display again (F02, spanner and crossed out tap).

It was at this point that I went through all the trouble shooting guides and checked everywhere for blockages (sump hose etc.) and after looking again I found a hairpin trapped in the impeller and realised that it had been stuck all along. Thinking I had solved the problem (after removing the hairpin the impeller would flick round 180 degrees when I pushed it with my finger) I tried the washer again but yet again was met with the same errors as before.

I have tried reducing the spin cycle speed down from 1400 to 400, but I get the same results (spin cycle starts slowly but then stops after less than a minute) and I can't get a wash cycle to start despite it being able to pull water through into the pre-wash compartment in the drawer...

By the way, I have also tried the Reset/Drain option but that doesn't seem to do anything.

I'm struggling to see what could be wrong as the error display implies an issue with the water supply yet it can briefly pull water through to the pre-wash (and I have been able to get it to do this numerous time). At the same time, the error code F02 indicates a draining issue (which is certainly where the problem started) but the impeller seems to be okay now and there are no blockages in the system.

One test I have been unable to do is to blow up the air pressure hose, as I can't get to it without completely removing the drum and it doesn't appear to be held on by a clip or anything so I am concerned I would not be able to replace it once it was removed (i.e. if it is glued).

Any help would be much appreciated! The washer is now over 6 years so if I have to send it to the tip it's not a big deal, it just seems to me it is so close to being operational there must be something simple I'm missing?



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Sorry, I missed this. I only have one set of Whirlpool error codes and they don't use F02 :( A picture of a tap with a line through it is most likely to mean it can't take any water in, totally opposite of not emptying or spinning. If the washer takes water in through the pre wash but not elsewhere there is likely to be a fault on the water fill solenoid as they often have a separate solenoid for prewash.

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