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Miele Drum Misshapen - Manufacturing Tolerances?

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I've just taken delivery of a new Miele WDA100, and I was surprised to notice as soon as the drum started to rotate that it's not perfectly circular - the lip of the drum (at the front, nearest to the rubber seal) seems to be "out of true" by about 1mm (possibly less) at three separate points. The angle of the lip varies as well as the radius. 1mm doesn't seem like much, but it's more than I'd have expected for a fast-spinning machine.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is it considered to be within normal tolerances, or should I be rejecting this machine (delivered only 2 hrs ago)?


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Washing machine drum rims are commonly slightly elliptical, I've seen many that were way more out than that. Having said that though my Miele drum is pretty true. I wouldn't normally think it was an issue especially just 1 mm but if it by any chance is noisy or vibrates a little on spin without laundry in then it could possibly be slightly out of true. If concerned I would ask Miele if they think it's normal or not.

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