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Is My Settings Working Correct On My Beko?

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To be honest I dont remember ever noticing but it seems to be ok in past.

What I mean is its divided into 3 sections each with a program number, I normally put it to 6 which is the first synthetic one which ends up at 9 which is spin going through eco wash and cold wash then drain before that.

In the last few weeks noticed stains in clothes havent been coming out as well, i.e slight discolouration on underwear but the clothes smell washed.

What I am wondering is that is it going straight to the cold wash and sticking there regardless of spending the time for all 3 cycles and that would explain stains not coming out as much but then why is it using the whole cycle time not just the number its on?

What I noticed is lets say I set it to 1 and machine has no water in, it fills with water for a few seconds, stops, clicks a few times then goes to 2, then fills up with water and continues. same idea if I set it to 6(2nd block of settings) it fills with water only for a few seconds, then goes to 7, but then to 8 and continues and spends like 2 hours on that.

So I am not sure if this is normal or its just spending the whole 2 hours on the cold wash as its draining as it should be no problem

Only other thing is I normally fill the machine quite full as I only do it once a week as a single person, could overloading it cause it to skip settings? For example as its heavy it has no room for the water?

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Most people use a 40° cottons wash for the majority of laundry but some items should be washed at higher temperatures to kill bacteria and germs. A synthetic wash is only really appropriate for synthetic materials. Such a wash cycle is designed to be gentle, and not get too hot. This is totally inappropriate for many other items.

If laundry is cotton it needs washing on cottons wash. Check the wash labels for all of your laundry and make sure you are washing at the temperatures they advise and on the wash settings they advise otherwise you may not get proper wash results.

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Model is WMB 10 W I think.

I think I have narrowed down the issue, when I fixed it before I couldnt fit the spring that holds in the seal on door correct and that causes a slight issue when closing the door as the door doesnt stay shut unless you move it around as it looks like the seal isnt sitting dead on.

I only noticed because I did a small load today so the door closed easy without moving it so the seal was sitting just right and the settings on washing machine worked fine.

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