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Bosch Wet2820 Gb Doesn't Drain (Number 1 On The Lcd)

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(I've had a look at the troubleshooting list but have already covered the points in there).

We have an old Bosch washer-dryer, which has developed a draining problem over the last few months. In the middle of a cycle the machine will stop and display a number 1 on the LCD. I have to manually drain the water from the pipe at the bottom of the machine.

The pump has been investigated and I can confirm it is clear and the impellor functions properly with no obstructions. The exit attaches to the U-bend below the sink, which also appears to be clear.

A local engineer cleared the draining hose and connector, and said the problem may develop again due to the small draining hose, which it did. The engineer then fitted a new draining hose and connection, which has been working for a week.

Today we had a variation on the problem, which is that the wash cycle seemed to finish without a hitch and a 60-minute dryer sequence kicked in. I glanced at the machine when it had 27 minutes of drying to go, so I assumed all was fine. It was still going right down to the final minute, when it paused on the dreaded "1" on the LCD. I noticed that although the door was very hot, there was still a few litres of warm water in the drum (i.e. it seemed to have allowed itself to get to the dryer cycle without having drained).

The problem seems to happen whenever we use the machine without having run the defluff programme after the previous drying cycle. Could that really be so important that it causes the machine to block each time?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Happy to give further information as necessary. Cheers

edit: also, I removed the clothes after today's issue, closed the door again and the machine started filling up with water, which did not stop even as it reached the level of the door. I had to switch the machine off so as not to overflow when I opened the door.

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  • Root Admin

If the water doesn't pump away properly on the drying cycle it will slowly fill up in the drum because the drying cycle usually has a constant trickle of cold water running into the machine to condense the steam back into water and pump it down the drain. The pump may run continuously on the dry cycle, or more likely kick in and out in intervals but if filling with water either the pump isn't running on the dry cycle or there's a blockage..

It could theoretically be a fault only affecting the drying cycle but as the washer and drying cycle both use exactly the same pump and hoses and system for working it should work on both, or be faulty on both. Therefore I wouldn't assume that because it did a wash cycle OK but failed on the dry cycle that it's definitely only a fault on the dry cycle. It could have just coincidentally failed on the dry cycle.

Try it on a wash cycle again to be sure if the fault is only affecting the drying cycle or it's still faulty on wash too.

The pump could be cutting out intermittently. To troubleshoot a fault like this the machine needs to be watched for clues such as is the pump stopping running, or is it running but not draining properly?

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Many thanks for the reply.

Firstly, I've since realised that the machine will always fill up beyond the level of the door when the fluff removal programme is run; so this isn't a problem!

Therefore there appears to be only one problem - the machine doesn't drain automatically sometimes. When this happens, the "1" appears on the LCD. If I run the rinse out programme with the drum full the pump makes a droning noise as if it is trying to spin but can't.

The temporary remedy for the issue is to manually drain the machine and remove the filter and clear any fluff. This seems to work for a number of washes (sometimes 1 or 2, sometimes many more!) until the "1" appears again and the machine doesn't drain automatically.

There really isn't much fluff in the filter when I remove it - usually a few strands of hair covered with fluff but not a great deal. Could such a simple build up obstruct the pump?

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