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Hoover Oph614 Washing Machine Wont Spin Properly

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i have a hoover oph614 and over the last few days ive been plagued by various problems.

First off: I am unable to cancel / reset a wash program. It doesnt work by holding the start /pause and it doesnt work if you turn it to off, when you turn the machine back on it just starts the last cycle you selected all over again.

secondly: when it goes threw a program ( if i leave it to run after its done the above ) when it gets to the spin at the end of the cycle ( does everything else in the cycle normally) it starts to spin as normal then when it is about to go onto a faster spin it slows down and repeats the process all over again and continues to do so until you switch the power off so its unable to go onto a fast spin. ( then when you turn the machine off it just starts the last program from the start again). And just to add while this is happeneing with the spin constatntly resetting the pressure switch is contantly clicking, but doesnt click during the rest of the wash.

After reading threw a million web sites i have already done the following:

took the pressure switch off and blew in there ( as i read somewhere that the pressure switch can cause this altho myself im not sure how, ).

Ive changed the pressure switch.

Ive changed the drain pump.

Now i have managed to get it on to a spin program ( not sure how ), however after turning the dial to the "off" possition, then turning the machine back on and selecting a wash program its still spinning instead of realising its no longer on a spin program.

Please help! i hope ive explained the issue / issues properly if not i appologise.

Is there something im missing or does it indicate a board problem?

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